A movie about life after school

Summer - In full length

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Summer on YouTube - 15.453.268 ViewsFeature film, Germany, 83 Min (subtitled in english)

Anne is 18 and just finished high school. Now she will visit her uncle and her aunt in the countryside - for taking a rest.

Having barely arrived, Dennis approaches her. Dennis is an artist. At least, that is what he says.

Anne is tired, she wants to be left alone. Meeting Maik soon afterwards does not improve the situation.

After a little while her aunt and her uncle start getting on her nerves. They want Anne to apply herself. That is not what she is here for. She starts playing games with Dennis and Maik. The two used to be friends, very good friends. Until that certain day. Dennis suddenly went away - Maik stayed where he was.

Anne lets herself drifting. She does not want to make a decision. But she leaves the party with Maik. Is that a mistake?

Things escalate. A call from her father throws Anne off the track. She reacts to Dennis' and Maik's proposal. They want to play the "Game Of Death", in the old mine. The way they did before their friendship ended...